Exchange Liaison Service

REUM exchange liaison service connects your token or coin with exchanges across the global cryptocurrency market. Reum utilises its knowledge and contacts across the blockchain development and global exchange communities. As (our trustless decentralised exchange generator), REUM.Tech can create regional exchanges, to give clients primary and secondary exchange options.

Exchange Liaison Specialist

REUM Co-Founder and COO Festus Akins is a exchange liaison specialist capable of multiple exchange introductions utilising his existing contact pool and previous FX and commodities exchange development. We have created a database of Exchange contacts to facilitate a faster route to market. Festus consults from the ICO token to established coins and currently has a 100% success rate.

Exchange Co-ordination

REUM Co-Founder and CEO Fabian Jean-Baptiste, the creator of co-ordinate the ‘exchange for clients’ process, they have key understanding re: central and decentralised exchange launch processes, while launching CoinMarketcap plugins, Ethereum and Bitcoin payment tools.  Fabian’s exchange R&D has brought REUM software stacks to can fully decentralise an exchange.

REUM has been developing Bitcoin and Ethereum trade tools:

– Herodex the global exchange generator allows the exchange operator to flourish with custom cryptocurrency trading, exchange software solutions and globally node programmming. REUM tech project managers and developers allows us to provide services for traditional and decentralised markets. REUM scalable and secure cryptocurrency exchanges are decentralised  by nature unless client request central exchange platform (Poloniex, Binance, GDax) which do not allow clients to control their coins during trade and no control over transactions, with decentralised exchanges trust of a central authority, with no risk of your funds being compromised. REUM encourages mass adoption so our cryptocurrency wallets offer conveinent use via anytime, anywhere payments with transaction and trade completion occurs. REUM provision of IPFS and data management has allowed us to cover all supported cryptos and assets which can be scaled up to handle more currencies and transactions at faster speeds.

HERODEX is a true decentralised cryptocurrency, focused on speed of trade, with R&D and tests projected to reach to approx 500,000 transactions per second. We are researching visa and paypal transactions speeds to form development routes to surpass their scalability and add the security through immutability which blockchain technology provides.

Dapps and Tools

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    .encrypto algorithm forms the foundations of security for corporate grade encryption and provides keys from 2048 bits up to 4096 bits, FIPS 197 AES with keys up to 256 bits which is standardised in the UK

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    xmOS is a mobile network created for X Mobile a smartphone for the blockchain. xmOS is a VNMO network with a private blockchain mining environment, alongside voice, data and text message services.

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    Dapplication is a decentralised dapps store powered by the REUM network for X Mobile which is ‘a smartphone for blockchain’. offers access to crypto exchanges, Dapps downloads as well as hosting a developer community to upload, subscribe and store Dapps.

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    Vimoose software creates a permissioned blockchain structure offering deletable blockchains and deletable debit card payments.

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    REUM has created Benson AI as an environment to service blockchain dapplications; combining DRL, GAN’s and agent-based simulation to communicate with all IoT enabled devices.

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    vei coin

    VEI – a virtual electronic inventory management platform for FMCG’s providing POS solutions and payment platforms for global shopping centres/retail parks/supermarkets utilising blockchain technology.

Exchange Generator

Utilise the Herodex Exchange Generator available on REUM