Reum Wallet(s)

Generate Wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Alt coins.

REUM wallet developers have created a wallet generator, which is the first WaaS (Wallet as a Service) to offer a cold storage wallet  options to generate then integrate ledger accounts, private keys and public keys directly into hardware devices.

REUM wallets are:

online cold storage – via X Smartphone

mobile dapp – in built within X Smartphone

cold storage – ‘specialised tech’ Sim wallet

secure cloud storage – OTA (over the air) ‘specialised tech’

IoT – ‘specialised tech’ wallet for IoT and M2M

Mozilla Foundation R&D – Meta Mask et al

All Currency wallet

Retrievable wallet – ‘specialised tech’

Multi-sig wallet

Paper wallet

Wallet to Wallet – decentralised exchange wallet offering a trustless, frictionless payment funnel which mean the wallet controls all transactions and has no need for central authority.

:- a finance planner for the crypto and fiat currency portfolio, get stay within budget alerts and track spending feeds to stay in control of wallet incomings/outgoings with coin trade choices, alongside secure mobile payment encryption for sending and receiving payments.

REUM wallet automatically calculates current values and then communicates with its own exchanges as a secure environment for sending and receiving funds.

REUM wallet utilises atomic swaps, dynamic coin choices and provides security from 2048bit up to 4096bit.  REUM offers decentralised wallet to wallet payments, thus meaning no trust or central exchange is needed to purchase goods or to create a transaction.

REUM wallet accounts will be able to safely receive payment from Bitcoin and all other crypto currencies via our payment APIs, as a trustless payment solution towards all established coins on the market

REUM wallet core communicates directly allows trade with no third party interaction, giving users full control of their data, billing management and providing the opportunity to earn and trade the extensive list of alternative tokens present in the REUM wallet.

As exchanges and wallets become one structured tool, REUM wallet offers a dynamic cold storage wallet which communicates seamlessly withe exchanges, a multi-signature protocol allowing all wallets to be controlled with 2FA and is secure to use, REUM also has unique wallets built from our team.

REUM offers variations like a Mobile wallet for X Smartphone, ERC20/ERC223 wallet generator, also source code surrounding our retrievable funds and extremely secure REUM paper wallet to complete our suite of wallet services will provide that final peace of mind to REUM clients.

Dapps and Tools

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    .encrypto algorithm forms the foundations of security for corporate grade encryption and provides keys from 2048 bits up to 4096 bits, FIPS 197 AES with keys up to 256 bits which is standardised in the UK

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    xmOS is a mobile network created for X Mobile a smartphone for the blockchain. xmOS is a VNMO network with a private blockchain mining environment, alongside voice, data and text message services.

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    Dapplication is a decentralised dapps store powered by the REUM network for X Mobile which is ‘a smartphone for blockchain’. offers access to crypto exchanges, Dapps downloads as well as hosting a developer community to upload, subscribe and store Dapps.

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    Vimoose software creates a permissioned blockchain structure offering deletable blockchains and deletable debit card payments.

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    REUM has created Benson AI as an environment to service blockchain dapplications; combining DRL, GAN’s and agent-based simulation to communicate with all IoT enabled devices.

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    vei coin

    VEI – a virtual electronic inventory management platform for FMCG’s providing POS solutions and payment platforms for global shopping centres/retail parks/supermarkets utilising blockchain technology.

Codeless Token Generator

Utilise the Codeless Token Generator available on REUM